Monday, October 15, 2007

Financial Literacy Challenge at DonorsChoose

Donors Choose Financial Literacy Challenge

Led by HC of OneBigMortarboard, a number of personal finance bloggers have been promoting this initiative at If you're not familiar with the site, it's a great way to provide funding to specific classroom projects proposed by teachers. There are several financial literacy projects that have already been 100% funded by personal finance bloggers and their readers, over $1,600 worth as of this writing, all in barely a week! This is part of a blogger challenge at DonorsChoose, and we're currently #5 in the amount of money raised.

I just made a $100 donation (so now it's actually over $1,700), and encourage you to do so as well, in any amount you can afford! Let's show everyone out there that the personal finance blogging community isn't just interested in earning, saving, and investing money for our own gain-- we also care about giving something back, and promoting the cause of financial literacy.


Sicilian said...

I guess giving to a classroom is a noble cause, but I have always wondered as I buy every item that the parents sell for the kids at work (to make up for every item my kids sold) . . . . why are my exorbitant school taxes are not funding all the items schools need. There is a brand new fancy football field, but the playground equipment for elementary school kids is expected to be paid for by donated funds. Maybe if we paid for the football field with donated funds, and supplied the needs of the classroom. . . .hmmmmmmmm. .. . I know a different world than we know.

Anonymous said...

Donorschoose is a great organization. I gave to them last year, and I received a letter from each student in the class thanking me for new supplies. I totally support this cause.