Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Save $1 by Getting Married!

... as opposed to registering a domestic partnership in New York City, that is.

But not for long... according to this NY Times story, the $1 price discrepancy that currently exists between the price of a marriage license and a domestic partnership registration will soon be going away:

The possibility of a differential, now between fees of $35 and $36, has been a quirk in the city bureaucracy since 1998, when Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani signed into law a bill on domestic partnerships. But no longer.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s office has asked the city’s Law Department to work with the City Council and the city clerk’s office on a rule reducing the fee for registering a domestic partnership to $35, according to Matthew Kelly, a spokesman for the mayor’s office.

The change is expected to happen within "several months."


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I've been reading your blog for a while now. I don't remember if you've said this or not, but are you a lesbian? That's the vibe I get from some of your entries. Just curious, since this blog's anonymous anyway.

Anonymous said...

Why does it even matter? If you want to read the blog, read the blog, if you don't because you think she's a lesbian, don't.
Some people are so nosy. I don't get it.
MadameX posts all of her financial information up here for the world to see, yet that's not enough.
Get a life.

JB said...

Here I was expecting the price to have been equalised upwards, i.e. making them both $36. Cut taxes and fees, just feels like a lie!

Madame X said...

The vibe I've been going for has always been "inscrutably ambisexual." Perhaps I've gone too far! Or not far enough!

A. Marigold said...

Seconding Nistuj. Surprised they're lowering the fees to match!

T'Pol said...

If it were in my country, they would probably make it 50 USD jumping at the chance of upping a certain price. Authorities never ever lower a price here:)

I enjoy this blog very much from a personal finance perspective and appreciate your effort. I do not care what your sexual tendencies may be. It is strictly a person's own business.