Tuesday, November 06, 2007

October Expenses

Here's the breakdown of all my expenses in October:

Bank Charge 3.50
Business expense -492.35 (reimbursement for previous months)
Charity 220.00
Clothing 377.92 (a much needed investment in cool weather fabulosity)
Dining 785.72 (um, I was hungry?)
Education 96.61
Entertainment 36.66
Gifts Given 5.00
Household 30.25
Insurance 320.00 (property insurance for a full year)
Medical 102.42
Misc 245.42 (includes a new bag that will be returned, as well as stocking up on hair products)
Taxes 2,588.19 (higher than usual due to retroactive raise)
Subscriptions 63.25
Travel 295.00
Utilities 152.94
Housing 1943.84 (still no adjustment for tax abatement. grr.)

Total Outflows 6,774.37

Net Inflows/Outflows 2,752.38

This was a somewhat unusual month, in that my raise finally came through, including a couple months' worth of retroactive pay. I also had some one-time expenses, such as my condo insurance. But what it all boils down to is that I managed to save 30% of my gross income this month-- not bad, but given it's such a weird month, I'd rather see how things settle out in November with my new salary and hopefully more normal expenses... though I do need to start my Christmas shopping... ugh.


Anonymous said...

hi. could you please break down your food expenses at some point for this non-new yorker? i know groceries are more expensive in new york but $800/month for a (non obese?) single woman seems impossible. i'm just curious.

PiggyBankBlues said...

LOL, anon! if that's $800 on groceries madame x is shopping exclusively at Balducci's. but going out for a nice dinner once a week (or a regular dinner out twice a week), in a addition to groceries, can set you back $200 a week. or girl had some great dinners at home!

i read the food budget line and laughed out loud. but not at the price tag, the parenthetical comment.

Leslie said...

I break down my food budget into groceries, dining out, and alcohol so I can track it better. About a year ago I had to make some major dietary changes -- I'm eating very healthy foods now, and my grocery store spending has nearly doubled. Even so, I think that the health benefits will save me money in the long run, and I don't skimp on fresh, whole ingredients. Apples cost more than Twinkies? I'll take the apples anyway.