Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Catching Up On Correspondence

Here's a few links that people have written to me about recently:

Two interesting posts at Queercents: Nina gets her HELOC suspended, and a guest poster discusses the financial life of a "trouple," which is basically a committed, long-term ménage à trois.

A new blog called Rich Money Million. a nifty site where you can put in your zip code, answer a few short questions about the importance of certain banking features, and then get a list of banks sorted by location, or fees, or features.

Swango, a new online clothing swap site.

The Platinum Years, a blog for retirees (not only about personal finance.)

Besting: Better Nesting: a book about trends in the real estate market caused by baby boomers seeking second homes.

Rich Canadian: a personal finance blog with an apparent sub-specialty in energy drinks


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the introduction to The Platinum Years. I had not seen it before and as a retiree it looks like just what I need.
PS Love your blog!

RICH said...

Thanks for the link. Much appreciated!