Thursday, March 06, 2008

I've Got Voicemail

Would you like to leave me a phone message instead of laboriously typing a comment? Well now you can! Thanks to Google's free Grand Central service, I can now get phone messages and post them on this blog-- should be interesting! Unless you explicitly tell me not to, I'll assume I have your permission to share any messages received.
Maybe I'll be able to post a future New York story in the form of a voicemail message that everyone can listen to!

You click on the button above, enter the number of the phone you'd like to call me on, and it will ring-- when you pick up your phone, Grand Central will tell you it's connecting the call. You'll probably just get my voicemail 99% of the time, but hey, you never know! I look forward to many helpful messages from readers who want me to know that my refrigerator is running, etc... but feel free to ask questions, leave suggestions, or just say hi.


Anonymous said...

Google has thought of everything. That's really cool!

Ms. M&P said...

Whoa! This is so cool! Thanks for posting about it. This is the first I've heard of it!

Noel Larson said...

You are gonna get some freaky calls :)

Let us know how it goes!

Jon said...

Yeah you have to post if you get any weird phone calls. That should be entertaining!