Monday, March 17, 2008

Welcome Newsweek Readers!

Welcome to everyone who found this site through Eve Conant's Newsweek article "A Penny Saved is a Penny Spent," about why the 30-something generation has trouble being frugal. Thank you to Eve for mentioning me!

If you're here for the first time, here's a quick introduction:

My name is Madame X and I'm obsessed with money... but not in a yucky super-materialistic kind of way! This is the personal finance blog where you're as likely to read about a dominatrix as a dividend; where salaries, spreadsheets, studio apartments, and salad dressing coexist with coupons, karaoke, career advice, and condoms. I quote James Brown songs as often as possible. And no post is ever off-topic.

I still can't believe over 400,000 people have visited this site, but here's what a few of them have said about it:
"a wicked sense of humor"-- Business Week
"Madame X is a bad sista"-- SingleMa
"one of the ur-texts of this genre"-- Bluebird
"you must be psychotic"-- Anonymous
"Will you marry me (If you're hot)?" -- Anonymous

Check out the "Rules" and "Favorite Posts" in the right-hand sidebar for more highlights. If you'd like to keep track of my posts in a reader such as Bloglines or MyYahoo, you can subscribe to my feed.

I have a great time writing this blog and I hope you enjoy reading it. Thanks for stopping by!

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