Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More on Governor Patterson' s Giving

I didn't really mean to beat up on Governor David Patterson the other day, after his $150 charitable donation raised so many eyebrows. He seems like a nice enough guy and his tax return probably doesn't reflect a true picture of his attitude towards generosity. Sure enough, after a few days, the Governor did address the issue and say that he is a generous person but did not want to reveal more about his giving because it would violate the privacy of people he has helped.

But you know how the media is whenever someone wants to protect anyone's privacy! Further investigative reporting has revealed some of the ways in which the Governor donated his time for charitable activities, which included judging a beauty contest for a community fundraiser, and participating in a $1,000-a-hit skeet-shooting contest at a charity event.

Ok, I'm bad. I'm really bad. It's not the first of the month any more. Sorry!


Colin Harrington said...

I appreciate your openness and honesty. You did in fact point out that $150 on his tax return did not mean that he didn't give to charity, but rather didn't report it. Way to be honest up front and willing to make it right!

Anonymous said...

This is rediculous. I don't care if he gave $0. Giving to charity is a personal choice and no one is obligated to do it. These posts, and most of the accompanying comments, suggest that everyone is obligated to give. If that's true, then you aren't giving you are just paying another tax, as giving requires the choice to be entirely yours.

Worry about if this guy is a good governor, not if he gives to charity. If Tom Brady doesn't give to charity he still starts at QB for the Patriots every Sunday, because he is the best QB. We worry about the wrong issues when it comes to our leaders.

Anonymous said...

people are so quick to judge. giving should be done in private and quietly. not with the fan fare of "look at me"

Anonymous said...

Of course giving should never be done for the accolades, but what about giving as an issue of leadership? Encouraging others to give by example. How do you teach your children to be givers rather than takers?

Amy K. said...

I read this about 10 yesterday morning, and didn't start laughing until about 10 at night when I realized he's legally blind. Judging a beauty contest and shooting skeet?!?! Ah, but you did miss April Fool's day. Maybe next year.