Tuesday, April 01, 2008

New Sources of Blog Revenue

I've been wanting to increase the charitable giving this site supports, but I've been relucatant to add more advertising. I don't want readers to feel overwhelmed by intrusive ads and sponsored links to things I don't necessarily believe in or support. So instead, I thought people might like to support this site via purchasing official "My Open Wallet™" merchandise, designed by me!

Official Madame X Converse Sneakers:
Wouldn't you look swanky trotting around town in a pair of custom Chucks? Designed by Madame X, these classic Converse All-Stars feature suede uppers and a unique color scheme. The Madame X imprimatur on the heel marks them as something truly special. Unisex sizing. Your price of $100 allows me to make a $25 charitable donation.

Official Madame X Clock:
What time is it? Time to save money, of course! Why not enhance the decor of your home or office with this custom designed fine timepiece, designed to help you remember what's most important: it's always time to save money, and it's always time to read My Open Wallet™! Your price of $25 allows me to make a $14 charitable donation.
Official My Open Wallet™ Kleenex Tissues:
Put your money where your nose is, and no, I don't mean you should develop a coke habit! Custom Kleenex boxes are the ultimate way to show you care about your finances and your sinuses, while still maintaining a sense of style. This Madame X original will only set you back $15 while allowing me to donate $10 of your purchase price to charity.

Please help me support my favorite causes by ordering your Official My Open Wallet™ merchandise today!


Scarlett said...

Sadly, this reminds me a lot of what Gala Darling (www.galadarling.com) did on her blog a couple of days ago...a much-hyped "change" to her site that ended up being new t-shirts.

Cute joke, though!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! You had me for a minute. Good one:)

Anonymous said...

but i really wanted the madame x tennis shoes!

Anonymous said...

Seriously now, could you maybe write a post about the money you make due to your blog, how many visitors you have, and so forth? As a new blogger, I'd really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for some good April Fool's blog posts! Nice one!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm disappointed because I was really going to consider the Chucks. Hmph!

Anonymous said...

i also really really want madame X merchandise!! i think a wallet that reminds people not to waste money would be a great sale. i almost want to be your sales manager lol!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, no Madame X M&Ms? Or is that too many letters for the candy bits - maybe just an MX?

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