Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It's Spring, Do You Know Where Your Wallet Is?

I obviously don't. For the 2nd time, I've gone out to lunch on a nice warm day intending to spend a full hour out and about, enjoying the sun, doing errands, etc. But then it turns out that I've forgotten to bring my wallet with me!
I have a small wallet where I keep my cash and most-used cards. (See "what's in my wallet" details in this post.) It tends to be in my jacket pocket, and when I went out to lunch today, I didn't bother to bring my jacket! I did have my bag with me at least, in which I keep another small card holder which has a couple back-up credit cards and less-used things such as insurance cards and mini subway maps. I was at least able to buy my lunch with a credit card, but I couldn't do the errand I'd wanted to, as that involved filling prescriptions which were in the wallet I'd left behind.
It was annoying to have to use that alternate credit card-- I usually only use it when I order something from LL Bean, as it gets me free shipping. If I was going to charge lunch, I'd rather have done it on the card where I'm racking up frequent flyer miles. On the flip side, I now know that the favorite deli where I usually pay cash for my salad is happy to accept a credit card, so maybe I'll start using one on a regular basis!

Anyway, now that the weather is getting nicer, I'll have to make myself a little lunchtime checklist:
Water bottle? (so I don't have to buy a drink)
Bag with book, notebook and/or crossword puzzles?


T'Pol said...

2nd time you forgot yr wallet? Was the first time last week? Last week on Thursday, I was in NY having lunch at an International Cafe kind of place somewhere between 6th Ave and Broadway at 50 something street. It had a small area with tables, very cramped and noisy. There were 3 guys and a lady at the table right next to us and the lady was missing her wallet. When they started to talk to each other, I have realized that they were in publishing. Oh my God! Was that you? I remember thinking "on Monday I was in Boston Gal's neighborhood and now I am close to where Madame X must be working. May be I passed by my favorite bloggers without realizing...".

I have spent 15 excellent days in the US and flew 10 hours back home on Saturday. Had a great time...

Madame X said...

That's funny, T'Pol, But I don't think it was me... glad you had fun here!

Anonymous said...

Bronx Chica- wow i miss having an hour lunch! Now I have 30min lunch consisting of: lunch, newpaper, ipod, & phone.

Anonymous said...

Do you get that but hurting feeling from sitting on your wallet all the time? I do! Ouch! I carry in my back pack!