Monday, June 16, 2008

Carnival of Personal Finance

It's hard to believe the Carnival of Personal Finance is celebrating its 3rd anniversary this week. Head on over to Consumerism Commentary to take a look...


Anonymous said...

Congrats on being included in the Carnival! The "top five personal finance blunders" reminded me of a sixth: don't lend money to a boyfriend/girlfriend. (I'm talking big amounts, not $50 to cover groceries, although if your significant other needs money to cover the groceries, he or she really needs to be reading your blog!)

I did this a couple years ago and, surprise, we broke up. Even though I'm 99% certain I'll get paid back - we had even signed an agreement about what would happen if we did break up - the money he owes me is less a priority than say, adding a deck onto his house. He's working on a refi loan right now and said I'll get a chunk of that, but with the current mortgage climate and the fact that I'm leaving town in two weeks... oy. I learned my lesson.

Anonymous said...

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