Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Money Match #3: Tom, NYC Male Seeking Female

Here's the next entry in the Money Match personal ad series, Tom, a young New Yorker who has his eyes on the retirement prize but still keeps a sense of balance about enjoying life in the here and now:

I'm a mid 20s man living in NYC and have been reading your blog for about a year. Financially my philosophy is to save enough for a comfortable (perhaps early) retirement while still having fun. I am able to max out my retirement accounts and still go out with buddies on weekends as well as traveling on vacations (Puerto Rico then Europe are next on the list). I keep a budget every month and stick to it. Right now the only debts I have are student loans which were well worth it considering they helped me to get my dream career. I would describe my job as recession-proof with compensation in line with the degree of difficulty.

I'm looking for someone with similar financial goals. Someone who has retirement in her budget but is willing to spend and have fun while getting there.
If Tom sounds like the man for you, you can email me and I'll forward your response to him. Our first two Money Match participants weren't New Yorkers, but this time I'm hoping we can get some local action going! And don't worry, I won't ask to be a chaperone on your first date.

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You too can search for your financial soulmate from among the readers of this site: here's the original post explaining the whole concept, but it's simple: if you'd like to meet someone who shares your financial philosophies, write up a profile, including a photo if you want, and email it to openwallet1 [at symbol] yahoo [dot] com. I'll post them and forward any responses. Thanks for playing!


Anonymous said...

i wish tom weren't being so vague about his occupation (telling us the general sector that he's working in would help) and his hobbies...

Noel Larson said...


Interesting concept to try and match Financial interests first...Actually that probably happens more than we know anyway!

Rachella said...

Hello - I've tagged you for six things. Is this how you do it?

Anonymous said...

anonymous: I TOTALLY agree!! I'm not single or looking, but I wouldn't reply to an ad that tells me so little about the person! I think in the spirit of this blog people should be more candid about their finances.