Friday, July 11, 2008

Sports Stars Who Go Broke

Here's something I caught on AOL the other day under the headline "Another Troubled Star Broke? 'He Has No Funds Whatsover'": a look at 15 celebrity athletes who went bust despite making millions. But you know what was really scary about the article? This lovely photo of Jose Canseco:

Eeeeeek! File that under "Things I Would Pay Money Not to Have to See!" Not to mention "Expensive Fashion Mistakes." And just plain old "What Was He Thinking!?!?!"

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Anonymous said...

At least he stay cool. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Read this in my RSS sidebar reader and thought it said "Sports Stars Who Go Bra-less" ... and then saw the photo!

Noel Larson said...

The best part of the shirt is the say, look at me, but I am practical!

Poor Jose...He blew all of his money on Lace shirts :(

Sicilian said...

If you have never had money . . . don't have any concept of how to spend, save, or budget. . . . you get. . . . sports celbs who are broke. . . .

Anonymous said...

Add to the list - lots of people who think they know how to protect you and your money.

It's the same list of reasons that 50% of people who hit the lottery end up broke in 5 years.

As for the shirt - I won't touch that.