Monday, July 28, 2008

Why I've Been "Lazy and Boring" Lately

Geez, can't a gal take a vacation?? Thanks to the modern miracle technology of scheduled posting, I was able to queue up some content to keep things rolling while I was away, even if it wasn't up to my usual standards of scintillating salaciousness.

So I know some of you are a bit curious as to my long hinted-about expensive summer vacation. I'll be working on a bigger post about it, but in the meantime, here are a few tidbits.

First of all, for almost 2 weeks, I barely thought about money. Part of the reason the trip was expensive was that almost all the meals and drinks were included, so I did not even touch any cash or a credit card for most of my trip, except for a couple of occasions when there was a chance to buy some souvenirs and gifts for people back home. So this was truly a vacation in more ways than one!

When I did spend money, it was almost always in American dollars. But I did manage to collect samples of 3 foreign currencies I'd never used before by the end of my trip. And here's a hint as to where I went: the name of one of those currencies is also the word for "rain" in the local language, and it's also the word you use to say "cheers" when having a drink. Anyone know where I was?


Noel Larson said...

My Guess is Botswana? Pula means Rain...Am I right? What do I win :)

Anny said...

Welcome back! I love all inclusive vacations :)

S said...

You can never go wrong with all inclusive packages. Nothing like cheap local liquor! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Racerx beat me to it, but I believe he is right and that it is Botswana!

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

i hope you had a fabulous time and share all the details with us. =)

Gord said...

Botswana? Is that possible? My first impression is that Botswana is likely impoverished and doesn't have much to offer a tourist looking for luxury.....hmm but maybe adventure safaris? It's got the Kalahari Desert with the bushmen and the Gods Must be Crazy etc. Watch for falling Coke bottles : )

Just to take it further and be ludicrous, maybe there should be a luxury all inclusive resort plunked in the middle of a refugee camp in Darfur so we can really understand the meaning of gratitude for what we already have.