Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Fat Wallet

Today is one of those rare occasions when my wallet is stuffed with cash, including a $100 bill and a $50 bill. I had dinner with some friends last night, including one who was visiting from the UK and had exchanged money for a lot of US currency. Everyone at the dinner wanted to pay cash except me-- I was happy to put the whole thing on my credit card and earn some frequent flier miles. I had gone to an ATM fairly recently, so now I have this big wad of money, coming to $381!
Sometimes I feel a little nervous carrying so much cash-- I mean, what if I get mugged? But then I think, well, I wouldn't want to be mugged no matter how much money I was carrying. It would be a shame to lose a large amount of money, but maybe if I could give the mugger a lot of cash, they'd be more inclined to just take it and run rather than beating me up, or worse!
How much cash is in your wallet today?


Nothing fancy to think of .. said...

$385 dollars

I usually carry no more than $25 dollars however I went to the ATM on Saturday, got $40 for a poker party and won $320 for being first place of the 20 people that showed up. It is $20 buy-in and then first and second get a prize, and third gets their buy-in back.

I go to the banks on Saturday - and I will deposit it back into the bank. I use credit card for everything (thank you 5% back Amex). Then I will be back at the usual $25. I hate carrying cash - unless I am traveling :)

Anonymous said...

$2, Plus a $100 check for the bunk beds we just sold last night.

sarah b. said...

€120... which is pretty normal.

Anonymous said...

$0.00 I never carry cash. Use my credit cards for everything to max out the cash back rewards.

Interesting point. I think you might be better off having something to give a thief. Ofcourse you never know. Sometimes they still harm their victims evening when they get what they want.

Anonymous said...

As of this moment $160 in twenties. Usually, have no more than two singles
(im a debit card junkie)but have a business trip to PA tonight and I figured it'd be better to have cash for the millions of little expenses Ill have.

Whenever I have cash I have this weird thing where I like to stash it in different places, like in my house, in my car, and in jars in the backyard. No, im not joking. I get this little kick from having chunks of cash squirrelled away that no one knows about.

scissorbill said...

$10. And I don't use credit. I visit the ATM on Fridays.

Peachy said...

I like to carry around $100. I never know when I might have to hop in a cab for a meeting. I also feel wierd about paying for anything under $10 with plastic.

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, I have $45. I went on vacation last weekend, and used my debit card more than I used cash. I may buy lunch today, though.


Anonymous said...

I rarely carry much cash as I find the less I have, the less I spend. On the other hand, having a few "mugger" dollars is probably a good thing, but it would be better to not carry it in a wallet with your credit cards, license, home address, etc. Just pull the wad of 'small bills' from your pocket ... let the mugger grab and run. (a guy strategy)

T'Pol said...

120 YTL. About 100 USD. I too feel odd paying with cc for something that costs less than 10-15 USD.

Anonymous said...

$ was $53 a few minutes ago but then lunch happened. Usually right after pay day I have $50-60 in my wallet. But as the days go by and I am waiting for the next pay wallet is pretty thin and I resort to using my debit card for everything.

Anonymous said...

$81...Just cashed a sm py chk (yay service industry) and then $50 "emergancy $". How does everyone get away with having next to $0? Many places I shop (lunch etc. ) have a minimum spend in order to use a card. Suppose that would cut down on the misc. soda or snack here or there though.

partialexponent said...

$8 in my wallet, and $80 in my car (from craigslist sales). I normally don't carry much more than $20 in cash, though I do keep a little for those small purchases (I'd feel embarrassed charging anything under $4 on my card)

Gord said...

As usual, nothing. My coin purse usually has at least $5, in case I need a coin for a shopping cart or a parking meter.....maybe a coffee. I take snacks to work, never eat out. Most things (groceries) go on debit and I pay as many bills as possible on the cc for the airmiles. I don't worry about muggers much; I'm usually in uniform with radios and stuff hanging off my belt. There's no weapon but most of the would be muggers seem to sense I'm trouble for them. If they only knew.......

What amazes me is how many responses you've got to this simple question. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

I knew a guy who carried an extra "mugger's wallet" with him that had only like $8 and maybe a fake ID in it.

I knew people in college who would collect cash from everyone at dinner and put the whole bill on their credit card - which their parents paid. They loved to go out to eat, since it was their main source of "income". Kind of made me sick.

(Oh - and today my wallet has $61 in it.)

Anonymous said...

I usually carry $0 cash in my wallet as I almost never find the need for cash anywhere I go (except out drinking with buddies before which I would stop by the ATM).

When I do have cash it's because I have money leftover from going out with friends who like to pay with cash and I just have them pay me while I charge everything on my credit card.

For places that I have cravings for that are cash only or have a cash minimum, I either don't go or go when I do have the cash available after the above reasons.

mOOm said...

AUD 85 = USD 70.

I usually get $A100 to $A200 from the ATM to reduce the probability that I'll need cash and won't be near one of my bank's machines and then will have to pay a fee to use an ATM.

Anonymous said...

I have about C$300 in my wallet.

I normally pay everything by credit card too to collect miles.
The miles is how I was able to fly to ny last week for free except I had to pay the fuel s/c and taxes.

When I go out and my friends pay cash, I will usually pay the bill with my credit card and take the cash. I love collecting miles. =)

Anonymous said...

1540 THB
5 UAE Dirhams

I should probably clean it out

Madie said...
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Madie said...

I never carry cash, which is a frequent problem when I dine in LA and have to valet. I like to maximize my mileage too. Can't beat that! From past experience, I spend cash much faster.

Anonymous said...

Currently I have $0 and have had that amount for something nearing a week now. I'll need more cash when I go to the market on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

$54.20... actually make that $54 because I just put the coins in my coin jar.

Took $50 out the ATM yesterday because I was going to dinner with friends, but it was for my birthday so they kindly paid.

Going to lunch today at a very nice restaurant which I am getting for free because some rewards points let me get a 2 course lunch for 2. Now that's a good birthday present! :)

Anonymous said...

Bronx chica..I have no money in the wallet but have $50 in the change purse. Usually I keep less than $10 in the change purse.

Anonymous said...

$30 + change. It's normally how much I need to get through the work week.

Anonymous said...

I NEVER use cash and walk with maybe £20 in my pocket for taxi's. I spend on my credit card almost 95% of the time and pay off the money spent immediately to maximise credit score.

My bank are literally throwing money at me because they see me as a 'safe" customer who stays in credit all of the time.

An extra £8.000 in 4 months on a new card is excellent :)

Message to all: If you want to maximize credit and gain air miles, on some cards quickly, I say to use your credit card and the money you have in your pocket pay off the money spent weekly.

It works for me.

Anonymous said...

I always get my credit card, i, not used to have cash...

Cash is dead, welcome plastic money!

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moocifer said...

$1-50 in cash when I'm in town, $200 in cash in mixed bills anytime I'm out of town. I like to always have about $10 in ones, some 5s and 10s, and generally nothing larger than a twenty.

I rarely use cash but it's handy to have in certain situations because you can use it anywhere, even when the power's down.