Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Money Match #5: Erin, Nashville Female Seeking Friends

It's been a while since we had any Money Match posts-- mainly because I totally flaked out and let a couple entries languish in the depths of my inbox. Sorry! This week a new entry reminded me I'd better catch up!

This latest entry is from a young country music fan who describes herself as "not the most financially stable but trying to get there:"

I'm 23 year old female living in Music City, USA (aka Nashville, TN) with my dream job on the outskirts of Country music. I've been working full time since my Junior year of college but insisted on going to a private university because it was the best in the country for my major. This of course is my only form of debt, 54k in student loans. I have no credit card debt, no car payment, etc. I've lucked out and been given a MacBook by my employer and keep my bills low by taking advantage of my apartment's close proximity to my office to avoid paying for internet.

The unfortunate part of my dream job is that it's in an industry famous for paying it's employees in concert tickets and CDs. I work two jobs, and from time to time add a third, giving myself a seven day work week. My financial goal for the year is to contribute 3k to my IRA, which currently sits around 2k and then save a six month contingency. I haven't gotten far, but I think I'm on the right track for a nice financial future.

As for this personal? I'm not sure if I'm interested in dating, but rather meeting individuals around my age, just as aware of their spending/saving habits. At times I can be rather impressionable and get carried away by friends that charge their Visa card to the max. I'd like to meet people that have a good time sitting on the front porch sippin' some homemade wine, walking around a local free festival, hiking in a state park or any other activity that doesn't involve cash or excessive fuel costs.

Sounds like she might know how to make homemade wine, which would certainly have me showing up on her front porch if I lived in Nashville! Email me at openwallet1 [at] yahoo [dot] com if you'd like to get in touch with Erin!

You can see other Money Match posts here. Just email me if you would like to submit your own personal ad in the hopes of meeting other My Open Wallet readers. (And I promise I'll try to stay more on schedule with posting these!) So far there's been one connection made but I never heard back as to whether they actually met up and liked each other!

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