Thursday, October 30, 2008

Money Match #7: Rob: Chicago Male Seeking Male

Here's another Money Match personal ad from a longtime reader. He sounds like a nice catch so step right up, Chicago-area gay guys!

I am a pretty clean cut guy on the outside (6', 195, brown hair/eyes, solid/stocky build). 34 years old, MBA. I work for a very large, stable bank as a project manager. Admittedly, I'm not saving the world, but I actually like what I do. Make a very comfortable living and trying (trying is the operative word) to be a better saver. Contribute 8% to 401K, save 10-20% of net income each month into a cash reserve (not too big yet). $60K in 401K. Have a condo in Chicago; all-in housing costs are 28% of net income, car 10% of net, pretty conservative on other expenses. No credit card debt, student loan with a tiny monthly payment, paid off HELOC. Doing all right overall. Weaknesses are clothes I just don't need but want, and I hate to cook so I eat out more than I should. Saving is important, but so is enjoying life.

Financially, I want someone who has similar financial values. He can make $50K or $150K, but he needs to have a level head and be reasonable (how's that for open-ended?) about money. I have too many friends in the 6 figure range living paycheck to paycheck.

I like to surround myself with people who put effort into bettering themselves. And by bettering oneself, I do not mean trading in the VW for a BMW. Although I like nice material things, a larger paycheck or more expensive car is not the secret to happiness.

I need a guy who is strong yet sensitive, opinionated yet respectful if I disagree, educated but not condescending, confident but not cocky. He also should be able to make fun of himself instead of somebody else.

I like to do most things as long I am with people I care about. Shopping, working out, theater, biking, dining out, long as I am with those important to me. People should always come first (I said this even before I heard it from Suze Orman, my other financial guru).

Wow...quite a few "I" statements, but dating is about marketing oneself, right?

That's Rob in a nutshell.
Aside from being highly flattered that Suze Orman is his "other" financial guru, I was impressed by Rob's commitment to savings-- 10-20% of his net income each month, and he's trying to be better! And if you read the archives of this blog very carefully, you'll also learn that he wears nice undies. Just send me an email if Rob sounds like the man for you!

You too can search for your financial soulmate from among the readers of this site: here's the original post explaining the whole concept, but it's simple: if you'd like to meet someone who shares your financial philosophies, write up a profile, including a photo if you want, and email it to openwallet1 [at symbol] yahoo [dot] com. I'll post them and forward any responses. Thanks for playing!


FB @ said...

Oh..! He sounds so sweet. :) I love this idea!!!!!

L. Marie Joseph said...
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L. Marie Joseph said...

Wow, he pretty much laid his net worth on the table. I can only guess the questions he will ask on a first date. lol

Anonymous said...

Sounds good. Pity I live in NZ and I'm not on the market.