Friday, October 24, 2008

You Get What You Paint For

Here's a funny thing I read about in last weekend's paper: A couple of artists started selling paintings to make money for things they want to buy. From their website:

Each painting shows one thing we want, and sells for the price of the real item. So you can buy "A Slice of Pepperoni" for $3.00 or "Dinner at Nobu" for $152.00. When the painting sells, we use the money to go out and buy that thing.

This one's called "A Little Shopping in SoHo" and costs $2,500.00:

You can see the paintings they've already sold in their Flickr gallery.

Don't you wish you'd thought of this first? I do!


Anonymous said...

A lot of the paintings are for gambling. Obviously these artists aren't starving.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Too bad the paintings are so uninteresting, though. (Or to be less judgmental: they do not appeal to my own aesthetic preferences.)

Very, very clever, though. They should offer to do a pro bono painting of Jocelyne Voltaire's house that is facing foreclosure!

Jeanne Elle said...

Ooh, what a neat idea!! Art is such an interesting thing - it's amazing what people will pay for it. There's a real psychology behind it, I think: the value is not always reflective of the aesthetics. These paintings have a concept to them that make them more commercial.

Rachella said...

Clever artists! I also like their idea of picking up NYC trash and selling it.

Anonymous said...

Art nerd that I am, I love this idea. I especially like the "Labbit", which reminds me a little of the much more expensive Yoshimoto Nara.

S said...

Brilliant idea! Love to hear how they do with this!