Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Anthony Lane on "Filth and Wisdom"

I love Anthony Lane's film reviews in the New Yorker-- sometimes he is just scathing! Here's his take on Madonna's recent directorial debut:

What vexes me most about “Filth and Wisdom” is the economics. Madonna has been a global star for decades. She has amassed a fortune, much of which presumably remains intact. She can’t have spent all of it on jodhpurs and conical bras. So why, when it came to launching herself as a film director, did she limit her budget to $365.23? Such, at any rate, is my estimate for the funding of “Filth and Wisdom.” If the actors were paid according to their talents, they cannot have cost more than forty bucks.

Yowza-- that's gotta hurt, even if you're wearing protective garb such as jodhpurs and conical bras!


Miss M said...

Don't they call those vanity projects, they serve no purpose other than to make the creator feel important. Mr M works in Hollywood, he's done several projects like that. People with more money than sense.

Unknown said...

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