Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Honesty in Tough Times

I got a kick out of this story from today's paper:
Workers Foil Bank Robber; Passers-by Return His Loot

“As the man was leaving the bank, the teller shouted: ‘Stop him! He just robbed the bank!’ ” Mr. Browne said.

The technicians, who were repairing the bank’s A.T.M.s, heard the cry and gave chase, Mr. Browne said. The bank robber ran onto 38th Street, where traffic was at a standstill. As he wove between cars, the technicians grabbed him, the police said, and pushed him onto the hood of a vehicle.

When officers arrived, Mr. Browne said, one of the posse was holding the robber, while the other two were nearby, with a large crowd around them. The cash had scattered, some of it in a small pile between two cars. Pedestrians walked up to police officers or bank employees and handed over bills they had picked up, a witness and the police said.

“Even in the bad economy, all $1,082 that had been scattered before the police arrived was recovered in full,” Mr. Browne said.

And on that happy note, have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!


Anonymous said...

of course stealing any amount would be wrong regardless but it's really pathetic that someone is robbing the bank for a mere $1082 (logically if you're gonna go out you want to go pretty much all out, right)....and just why the singles?

TeacHer said...

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Anonymous said...

A story well worth remembering!

Anonymous said...

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Asphodel said...

Awww! Love your blog btw, and in an impulsive post today I blurted out the naked truth about my finances. It's more locally oriented, so I can get the people in our country speak up and out against disciminated salaries, but oh well lets see.