Friday, November 07, 2008

Movies About Money: Surfwise

I watched a very interesting movie the other night, called Surfwise. It's a documentary about Doc Paskowitz, a man who gives up a stable, conventionally successful life to travel around the country, surfing as much as possible while living out of a 24-foot camper... with his wife and 9 children!
The movie is about a lot of things: following your dreams, being a non-conformist, family relationships and of course, surfing, but there is a lot of interesting stuff about money. Doc says he hates money and feels trapped by it. His children remember him feeling happiest when he's literally down to his last dime. The kids have a fun childhood, traveling all the time and never going to school, but as you can imagine, some of them have mixed feelings about all this freedom, and they haven't necessarily continued to embrace poverty.
It's definitely a movie well worth watching, check it out!


Escape Brooklyn said...

Thanks for the rec -- I just added it to my Netflix queue!

Anonymous said...

Anyone see I.O.U.S.A.? A new movie about the debt epidemic. I haven't seen it yet, but I intend to.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good flick to me, I'll have to check it out

Anonymous said...

It's a fascinating film. And it raises the very interesting question of the ways in which a parent's choices can impact his or her children. Although the family's life was in many ways amazing, it also set most of the children back significantly. None of them have gone to college (presumably in part because of their lack of formal schooling) - and as a result - their earning power is seriously limited.