Monday, December 08, 2008

From the Mailbox

Thanks for all the emails with link suggestions, everyone. Here's a few to share:

Consumer Reports has a neat new feature called the Value Index

A CD comparison tool at FiLife

Brendan in SF wonders if anyone has opinions on The Crash Course, a series of videos about the current state of our economy and how we got there. (I haven't watched any of the videos yet.)

David sends a link to a site where you can buy a title, as in becoming a baron. I'm not sure this is really a good investment, but maybe I'll look into upgrading my title to "Lady X!"

Shon is plugging this video at YouTube, a short animated explanation of the mortgage crisis.

The Cheap Diva wants you to Save Cash With Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Queercents announces some new short series posts:

1. Navigating Grad School Finances. As a full-time grad student, Rachel Gollay writes from experience as she survives on a small stipend. In this series, she covers everything from the application process, to offer acceptance, the process of loan deferral and prospect of taking on more debt in pursuit of an advanced degree.

2. The Joys and Perils of a Luxe Life. When Michael Moy is not luxuriating, he runs a home or two. Moy deconstructs the ups and down of being a gay house husband in this postmodern version of Mad Men. Affluence, dependence and being gay create a new twist on the old role of homemaker.

3. Recovering from Financial Infidelity. Self-identifying as queer with FTM leanings, Alex Taylor has been partnered for ten years with a post-transition MTF woman. Widely-divergent money management styles have given Taylor a unique understanding of the financial issues faced by LGBT families. Learn how this couple transitions from an act of “financial infidelity” by moving beyond the sneaking and lies that have challenged their relationship.

4. How to be Financially Stress-Free during the Holidays. Paula Gregorowicz, a life coach, explains how intentions are everything in this year’s economy. Find out how gift givers, party goers and party throwers can save money without sacrifice by implementing a few simple steps. Eat, drink and budget accordingly!

And Yahoo Finance wants to be sure you're aware of these features:
· More than 40 budget calculators cover everything from “Getting Out of Debt” to “Becoming a Millionaire.”

· Interactive charts can pinpoint why your stock spiked (or tanked) ...

· Wall Street lingo made easy (especially for beginning investors) with our finance glossary.

· Daily average interest rates across the country can add to stories on credit cards, mortgages and more.

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