Thursday, January 29, 2009

Questions from Readers

Here's a few recently asked questions from emails and comments:

"When are you going to continue your matchmaking series? I'm newly single, and realize that one of the big downfalls of my last relationship was our differences in the philosophy of money."

The Money Match series will still continue whenever someone wants me to post a profile! We've had seven entries, and I think I've only had two requests to make contact. I forwarded those on but never heard back as to whether anything happened. I thought it might not be working because the readers of this blog are so far flung across the US and other countries-- but you never know! I recently had an email from someone who discovered that one of his work colleagues also read the site.

"When are you going to post the story about your big expensive vacation?"

Groan-- I've had the post in draft for ages. I need to go back and itemize the various expenses and also collect some photos to put up. I don't know why I keep procrastinating about it-- at first I think part of the reason was that I was embarrassed to say I spent around $8,000 on a vacation in this economy, even for a once in a lifetime experience. But posting my annual expense wrap-up at least got the total travel number out there, so now I think it's just that I've been busy and have been finding it harder to write longer posts lately. I swear I'll try to finish it soon!

"How were you able to get such a high ranking in the Google search results for 'Personal Finance Blog?'"

I'm not sure, exactly, other than that I've been blogging for quite a while now, have built up a lot of incoming links, and the words "personal finance blog" are in the title, meta name descriptions, and meta name keywords in my blog template. I forget where I picked up that tip, and please don't ask me any more technical questions than that!

"Would you link to my blog?"

Yes, if you have a personal finance blog that really is personal, and not something that is just spammy advertising, I'd be happy to exchange links. But I use to maintain my links and their system hasn't been functioning for a few months. I don't really want to recreate my whole blogroll from scratch so until they fix the ability to edit links, I won't be doing any blogroll updates. But I've been saving requests and will hopefully be able to put up new links soon.

"Will you post this article that we have written? You can have it for free as long as you link back to our site!"

No, thank you. Aside from the occasional guest post from blog pals whose writing I enjoy and respect, I prefer to stick with what seems to work best on this blog: personal stories and explorations of financial issues as they relate to my own experience. I try to link to useful articles and resources when appropriate but I'll leave generic advice to others who are better equipped to offer it.

"Will you review this new personal finance book? I'm happy to send you a copy."

Alas, though I love free books, I don't give out my mailing address. But if you have a Word document that you can email to me, I'll read the manuscript electronically and post a review-- if I have the time, interest, etc. No promises, but hey, I'm saving you the postage anyway! (By the way, the publicist for The Secret Currency of Love was kind enough to share a manuscript this way, and I'm working on a review to be posted soon.)

Thanks for all your emails and comments everyone, I'm always happy to get them!


Anonymous said...

Hey Madame X - Here's some feedback :)

Erin wrote to you that she was looking for friends around Nashville, and I replied that I'm kind of close to there. She and I haven't had many chances to hang out yet (I live close enough that I'm there sometimes, but not close enough to be there frequently) but we've conversed quite a bit over the internet. So far only a few of our conversations have centered on frugality or money stuff, but its great to have a new friend! The idea of dating someone I would meet online freaks me out a little, but I'm all for making friends if anyone else is around this area too! Erin and I could start a little social network over here! :)

Anonymous said...

Madame X -

Just saw your answer to the question about your vacation. I have to admit - I avidly read your blog and hope for updates everyday but I'm not too fanatic - mostly I am just interested in reading what you have to say, period.

But I have to say - so what if you spent $8k on this vacation??? You did not put it on a credit card and then hope to wing it if you lost your job. You don't take an expensive vacation all the time and spend a butt-load when you can't really afford it.

I was reading a fabulous article, I think on your website or one of the links on Miss Escape Brooklyn (who I discovered through yours) - and it said one of the reasons the great depression happened is because people had to or voluntarily stopped spending ... and that's what we shouldn't be doing.

I agree - we shouldn't be charging stuff (Lord knows I've taken all my best advice from you) - and taking on debt etc - but with proper planning and the correct attitude, I do NOT see anything wrong with the vacation you took ...

Enjoy your memories .... you're one of the most responsible people I read out here for everything finance - you of all people have NOTHING to remotely be apologetic about ....