Sunday, April 05, 2009

From the Mailbox

A few recent items:

New blogs you might want to check out:
Hot Money Mess (love the title!)
Aspiration's Purse
Self Magazine launches a new blog by MP Dunleavy, called Save Like Me.

A NYC therapist who specializes in "money disorders" is offering a workshop.

The FTC has a new site:

Money Matters offers short, practical tips and links to reliable resources for more information on topics like credit repair, debt collection, job-hunting and job scams, vehicle repossession, managing mortgage payments, and foreclosure rescue scams. Site users also can learn how to recognize and avoid consumer scams and rip-offs.

Here's a list of the $51 worth of coupons available in the April issue of All You magazine, sold in WalMart.


FB @ said...

I was just in your neck of the woods last week. The shopping is insane in NYC..

Anyway, thanks for the heads up on MP's blog.

Carrie said...

I've been reading your blog for a couple months and would love to exchange links!

Love your blog and my fav posts are your personal spending/budget posts!

r&b said...

Wow, thanks for the post :) If you want me to make a post about yours, email me something you'd want me to feature :)

Lora Sasiela said...

Madame X,

Thanks so much for the post! Much appreciated! As you discussed in your recent post about this week's New York Time's article, there is a lot of money anxiety arising right now. My seminar aims to help people manage this tumultuous time with proven tips and strategies to eliminate financial stress. I'm so eager to share this important information!

With much gratitude,
Lora Sasiela

jenga207 said...

Hey, thanks for the link! I was catching up on some reading and came across my own site on your post. That was exciting!