Friday, June 26, 2009


What a strange week: three celebrities passed away, at least two of whom were famous, and/or notorious for financial issues.

Ed McMahon, of course, was famous for delivering those big Publishers Clearinghouse prize checks, as well as his later battles with foreclosure and bankruptcy.

Michael Jackson made bazillions, but spent them all and struggled with debt in recent years-- the perfect illustration of the lesson that living beyond your means will get you in trouble no matter how large or small your means happen to be.

And then there's Farrah Fawcett. Of the three, her death somehow saddened me the most, and I know a lot of my old grade school friends felt the same way. I think it may have been that she was the most famous icon of beauty when we hit the age at which little girls suddenly become conscious of beauty as something to which they aspire-- so of course we all wanted to look like her. My attempt at the hair was a voluminous disaster, but I did at least get my mom to buy me the sneakers she's wearing above. And as far as I know, Farrah managed her millions well enough to stay out of debt.

They'll all be missed.


Gord said...

All talented in their own ways and I just feel sad for them. No way I would trade my obscure life for their celebrity. A shame so many young people aspire to fame and heaps of money without the tools to manage either.

shangz said...

ya true.. shocked to hear these celebrities jus go like that.

anyway, wonder if u r interested to link up my blog. Just created, still on the learning journey.


Peachy said...

Now you just need Billy Mays on here too.

Doug said...

I heard some lady say "Hey, Farrah died first!" when hearing about Michael. Being a cancer cure advocate, I certainly understood her comment.
Hopefully people will be able to remember what is truly important in life, health and happiness.
They were all great in their own way and will not be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Well, as far as Michael goes I think he will be one of those millions of dollars a year generating dead celebrities. And from what I hear he did have enough collateral against that debt. Its just sad that all that money, the fame, and the undying love from his die hard fans (yours truly) wasn't enough.

And then all of a sudden who gets out of the woodworks and is front and center in the whole fiasco??? The very man who denied Michael the elusive childhood. And HE wants custody of Michael's kids???