Wednesday, July 22, 2009

They Take a Linking and Keep Me Thinking

Some recent posts from around the blogosphere that I found interesting:

The Minimalist on Income Distribution vs. Happiness (via Love in the Time of Foreclosure)

Two posts from My Money Blog on Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers: The Story of Success:
3 Requirements for a Satsifying Job
Hard Work, Luck, and Success

Bargaineering on 8 Reasons Credit Cards Beat Debit Cards

Why Real Estate Beats Other Investments from The World of Wealth

Consumerism Commentary ponders whether it's ever ok to steal entertainment

The Wealth Report: How Many Millionaires Did Your City Lose?


MEG said...

Thanks for the link!

Green Panda said...

I realy enjoyed Jim's post on credit cards. We put our car rentals on our credit card because they put so much on hold.

finace said...

i enjoy reading your blog