Sunday, December 19, 2010

November 2010 Recap

It's a bit late for this, but I'll get it out of the way before I have to move on to December!

First of all, it was a big month for income: $23,536 in total. In addition to my salary, I received $15,000 as part (not all) of my inheritance from Great Aunt Minnie. (I had thought that would be the full amount, but I got another $9,000 in December. I continue to be bewildered, amazed and grateful whenever I see these numbers.)

Gift Received $15,000
Interest Inc $36
Salary $8,500

As for expenses, nothing too dramatic to report. I returned a few pairs of boots I'd bought from Zappo's last month, so the clothing line is negative. Travel is high because Sweetie and I settled up what we'd spent on our vacation back in September and I owed about $800. And I started doing a wee bit of Christmas shopping.
Taxes $2,830
Housing $1,716
Travel $1,066
Dining $769
Utilities $176
Medical $113
Misc $100
Gifts Given $80
Subscriptions $58
Household $43
Entertainment $26
Business expense $9
Clothing -$759

The net is that I saved $17,309 in November, which is pretty good even without the $15,000 inheritance.

As for my net worth, it increased $20,493 from last month (+4.47%) to $479,273.

10/31/10 11/30/10 Var. Var. %
Cash $45,665 $59,662 $13,997.00 30.65%
Stocks $49,780 $49,704 -$76.00 -0.15%
Bonds $5,091 $5,197 $106.00 2.08%
Retirement $282,052 $284,341 $2,289.00 0.81%
Home $81,856 $82,223 $367.00 0.45%
Credit Card -$5,664 -$1,854 $3,810.00 -67.27%

$458,780 $479,273 $20,493

So far, the inheritance has just gone into cash savings, but I'll probably add some more to mutual investments soon. The only other change of note here is that I finally updated my savings bond values, which I don't do every month.

December will probably not be a big savings month, considering charitable donations and holiday gift-giving, but I think 2010 overall will look pretty good, and I should exceed my year end net worth goal even backing out the inheritance. But what's next for 2011? We'll see...
Onward and upward!


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