Monday, November 07, 2011

Net Worth July-October 2011

Another belated net worth update. (I was trying to post updates on NetworthIQ but the site doesn't seem to be working and their security certificate is expired. What's up over there?)

Anyway, it's been an interesting few months-- some big ups and downs in my investment accounts. Mostly downs, unfortunately! After hitting a high of $591,390 back at the end of April, the stock market has been very cruel to me. I had a nice recovery in October, but I'm still down quite a bit from where I was.

Not much else of interest to report, other than moving a few thousand dollars from cash into mutual funds and some more I-Bonds at Treasury Direct. My credit card balance is in about the range it usually is, so no unusual levels of spending (and as always, I'm paying it in full every month). I've already maxed out my 401k deductions for the year, so any further changes in the retirement accounts will be due to investment gains and losses alone. At some point in the next few months I'll probably pay some extra principal on my mortgage and increase the home equity amount.

Stay tuned for a long overdue update on my spending and budget categories. Onward and upward!


Pool Cleaners, Pool Shops, Pool Pumps said...

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Dinheiro Frugal said...

The stock market is highly volatile, but in the long term is a very nice envestment. Very smart move on paying your card in full very month: it's my golden rule when using credit cards!

Financial Independence said...

Can I ask you a question, in regards to some long term investments?

I recently did some calculations and the results are very much frustrating, to be brutally honest.
Have a look yourself - they are all published.

If you invest $ 40, 000 a year over 35 years, at modest inflation rate of 2% and administration fee of 1-2% you need stock market to perform at 4% just to preserve value of your money and higher to gain anything.

This means that you are only preserving money you are investing at a very high risk. So it is just plain wisdom - is there a point to be frugal and try to save, if you ended up loosing money?

Feeding financial industry and no living your life in full?

Anonymous said...

The post is titled Net Worth, and I see your home equity growing at approximately $388/month (plus a few additional bucks each month, implying a mortgage) , but I don't see the any mortgage debt shown.

I would expect to see your outstanding mortgage loan as a liability, along with credit card debt.

Please comment.

Anonymous said...

Digging around here...NO MORTGAGE? Where do you live that your home is $85k...even marked down from $105k?

Madame X said...

I do have a mortgage, but rather than report the market value of my home and the current balance of my mortgage separately, I've been rolling it into one number for my home equity.