Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Net Worth December 2011

I ended last year with a net worth of about $565,459, up from $523,133 in December 2010. A gain of $42,326 or 8% is nothing to complain about, but it falls far short of my goal of $600,000.
Here's 2011 vs. the previous year on NetworthIQ:

Dec. 2011:

Dec. 2010:

The good news is that I saved money, and I put more of it into investments. But it wasn't a great year for the stock market. The net worth graph really shows it-- it's the least upward-sloping period since the big crash in 2008. Oh well-- not much I can do about that. I just have to keep controlling what I can control, and hoping for better luck with what I can't control!
More details soon on 2011 spending and savings...


Kaloy said...
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yourPFpro said...

How do you like this site? I use Mint for my monthly budget tracking, but need something for my net worth that will take into account all investments.

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Adrienne said...


I've been reading for a while but I must have missed the part where you paid off your mortgage. Did you ever do a post on that? If so, could you?