Monday, April 23, 2012

Overheard: Puppy Edition

I was walking down the street behind a mom with her two daughters, who were maybe around 8 and 10 years old. I guess they had been begging their mother for a puppy and she'd asked them if they were willing to work hard for the money it would cost. One daughter said yes, she would get a job and work hard for the money. The other shrieked very loudly that she was not going to work hard to get money-- instead she was going to SAVE UP lots of money to pay for the puppy!
It was cute-- it got me thinking about how a kid might hear their parents talking about money coming from a job and coming from "saving up," but not understanding that usually it has to come from one before you can do the other!


DuchessOmnium said...

When my children were small and they used to ask for things and I said we didn't have enough money, they would look very sceptical and say, "Then go to the machine where you put your card in and get money!". They thought I was very stupid not to work this out for myself.

John said...

That is such an awesome story. When I have children, I'll try to add that I'll "earn and save up" money. Hopefully that will clarify for the children. :D

James of InsuranceSalesLeads.Com said...

My kids have been begging me for pets. My daughter wants a kitten and my son wants a puppy. Although I could actually get some from my parents' house (they have several dogs and cats), the problem is no one's going to clean after them.. and my kids are too young to care for them on their own. Told them that if we can afford a maid, then we can have pets. Now they're begging me for a maid.. :P