Monday, November 05, 2012

I Made $1,000 in 15 Minutes!

So, did you think Madame X was now shilling for "get rich quick" schemes? Not quite...

On this site, I have always advocated careful financial record-keeping, but I have been a little lax about my own lately. I was updating Quicken and saw that my net worth was about $659,000, but I then realized I hadn't updated my investment account transactions in a few months. So I spent a little time entering various dividends I'd received, and when I was done, voila! My net worth had climbed to about $660,000!

Can't promise it will work for everyone... And if it had been a really bad few months in the stock market, I could have just as easily lost $1,000. Still, a happy thing for tonight!


Super Saver said...

I would say you "found" a $1000 in 15 minutes :-)

Anonymous said...

Could you please write more often? I enjoy this site!