Saturday, January 25, 2014

I Forgot How Much Money I Make

Seriously, I can't remember my salary! I was thinking about it just now and I know it is over $100k, but I don't remember how much. At one point it was $102k, but is it now more? $106k? $110k? I have been getting small raises each year, and just got one recently, so I should remember this more precisely, but I just don't. 

This just seems very unlike me. I pay so much attention to money in so many ways, but much less than I used to. I by no means advocate ignoring these things-- I have always said that paying close attention to your finances is the best way to keep them in control. But on the flip side, it can be a bad idea to micromanage them. Investments are often best left alone to sit and grow rather than fiddling around with too much trading. I check my Etrade account a lot less than I used to, which actually made it  quite gratifying recently to see that one of the stocks I bought a couple of years ago has doubled in share price. (At least it had before this past Friday's slump.) And sometimes it's good to avoid seeing a big downturn in investment performance, so you can avoid that temptation to panic-sell at a low. 

Anyway, I am really quite curious now to see what my current salary is, so I am going to stop writing for a moment and go check...

... OK, I'm back. $112,717 is my current salary. That is higher than I thought, so good news. But now I think I will try to forget again and try to behave as if I made less!


Sujewa Ekanayake said...

This is a good problem to have :)

But, great blog overall & a great idea for a blog.

One day I'll have to blog about the financial horror stories that can be found in the lives of indie filmmakers :) Specially back in the 1990's/tons of credit card debt.

- Sujewa
Brooklyn based indie filmmaker

Anonymous said...

Be careful! Your employer might see this post! ;)

Avid Reader said...

You're net worth is higher than that of your senator - Charles Schumer!

Financial Independence said...

I think it is a good sign - you are very well off. You are not financial independent, in a way that you still need the job, but you do not need to worry about money day in and out.

I know to the dollar what I am getting. Mentally I am not ready to give in, just yet.