Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Real Estate

I'm a bit depressed today after looking at an apartment last night. It was a studio in a great location, good building, good price, low maintenance, nicely renovated... BUT:
--first floor, and in the front, so your only windows are right above the garbage cans and you get a lot of noise from people going in and out of the building
--only one tiny closet
--kitchen not really separate from living space
--the whole apartment was even smaller than mine, 200 sq ft at best.

Small is ok with me, and I don't have that much stuff, but that place was beyond my limit. And it is just insane to me that a tiny studio like that can cost almost twice as much as the large 2-bedroom that I shared ownership of several years ago. (Part of the shitty truth here is that it is much easier to afford a place as part of a couple than on your own.)
The burst of the housing bubble is coming, I can feel it...please baby please...


mmb said...

OMG! Are you kidding me? 200 sq ft? This is why, much as I love NY, I can never live there. At least not until I win the lottery or someone offers me a high paid executive job. My loft/studio is 650 sq ft, has a raised bar, a full kitchen, washer & dryer, a large balcony and a huge three door closet all for $1100/month (electricity, gas, heat etc extra) and I cry every month when I have to write the check. I don't know how people manage to save in NY at all.

Madame X said...

And I didn't mention the actual asking price of $197,000!
With a 20% down payment, the monthly out of pocket would be about $1160.
MMB, where do you live?

mmb said...

Seattle, WA. Not downtown Seattle but close by. I have to pay for everything though - parking, gas, water, electricity etc etc - so in the end it's not that cheap (works out to ~ 1350 - 1450/mo) but still. I'd never pay that much for a 200 sq ft apt. Keep looking. I am sure you will find something.

Jonathan said...

200 sq ft?!?! Is there only one sink for both the bathroom and kitchen? My wife lived in a little thing like that once. "Efficiency Apt" it was called. I thought I had it bad.

Madame X said...

The bathroom and kitchen in this place were both pretty normal-- toilet, sink and tub/shower in the bathroom, and the kitchen did have its own sink, and decent cabinet and counter space. It was the living space that was so tiny and it was the kitchen opened right into it.
I need to find a way to post some floor plans!