Monday, July 18, 2005

What I don't spend money on

TV- $0, don't have cable, or anything to plug it into for that matter.
Car/gas-$0. Don't have one. The occasional rental goes under travel
Utilities: Gas/electric/water- $0. all are included in the rent.
Student loans- $0, paid them off

What else... no DSL, no personal trainer, no shrink, no storage unit rental, no manicures, no pets, no cleaning lady, no cigarettes, no drugs... that is my short list of things that many other New Yorkers seem to find essential!


Anonymous said...

But what do you do for fun? And how don't u have to pay for an internet connection to blog?

Madame X said...

I have dial-up AOL at home, and highspped at work. And for fun, I go out with friends, take foreign language, art and sailing classes, go to the gym, read, watch movies on my computer, etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Where are you able to take language, art + sailing classes for the least amount of money? When you go out with friends, what do you spend/don't spend your money one? Which gym do you recommend? Thanks!!