Friday, August 05, 2005

A Day Off...

It's nice to take a day off during the week and do errands around the neighborhood. You see things in a whole different light, and realize that the pizza man knows everybody, especially the old ladies. (Slice of pizza and small Diet Coke: $2.35)
One of my errands was going to the Salvation Army to donate some clothes that I don't wear, and a few other odds and ends. I love getting rid of clutter, and in an apartment the size of mine, you don't really have a choice. I also went to the local used bookstore and traded in some books for credit towards other ones.
Now maybe I'll go to the beach!

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Anonymous said...

How much for retirement? I go by the idea that if I have 1 million, then I can get at least 6% from it a year before I have to really start withdrawing. The laws for withdrawal are probably gonna change, but I believe that they require you to take out 4% of it every year after 70.

So if I have 1 million, and I get 6% a year, that comes out to 60k a year. That's probably not a lot in 40 years, so I would like to save 2 million by then, for 120K a year. That's even if I never touch the principle. BTW I think you are doing great, no need to think you will run out of money when you retire.