Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Why is iced coffee so much more expensive than hot coffee? It's been so roastingly hot in New York the last few days that I've been buying iced coffee in the morning, which costs 64 cents more for a small. Are a few ice cubes really worth 64 cents? See, this is why global warming is a problem-- if NYC was this hot all year round, it would cost me an extra $160 a year for my morning coffee. Actually probably even more, as they'd raise the price of ice due to increased demand. In fact, the entire economy of NYC could be thrown off by then, as the whole city will probably be underwater.

Yes, I know I should just be brewing a pot at home, keeping it in the fridge and taking it to work in a travel cup.


Caitlin said...

sigh. ice coffee...sweet elixir of life.

Do you think that's a "New York" thing? Do you see this in independent coffee shops and chains?

I'm a homebrew gal myself (the gal pal is a former "barrista" *snort*) so I can't speak for Boston, but you have me intrigued. I mean, where is the sense in that?

Definitely mini-rantworthy.

Anonymous said...

Why is it more expensive? Ah, you already know the answer -- because you'll pay it.

Jose Anes said...

I love anonymous answer... The reason for a $5 starbucks coffee is because people will pay for it.

The reason for opening the store is because all people paying for the coffees will pay for store operations, huge marketting, and then generate some profit.