Tuesday, August 16, 2005

What I Spent...

8/1 to 8/15:

Cash: $242.62
--$14.00 laundry & drycleaning
--$5.00 taxi
--$1.00 Wall Street Journal
--$20.00 loan to friend
--$202.62 food/dining

Credit card: $431.05
--$7.73 gift given
--$9.99 book for French class
--$43.00 train tickets
--$27.52 drugstore
--$23.90 AOL
--$318.91 food/dining

Checking: $874.49
--$24.49 telephone
--$850.00 rent


Anonymous said...

great blog! however, isnt $520 on food and dining for 15 days alot? thats 1040 a month eeks!

Jose Anes said...

Impressively low rent for manhattan.

Yes, food seems expensive. Then again, food has been increasingly expensive due to energy costs.

Maybe it is time to look for less processed foods and locally grown produce -- where available.
Money and Investing

Anonymous said...

Hi Madame X!

Great blog. I am going to read everything on it, as I just started a similar type of blog, to share my financial experiences and discipline myself to watch my money more closely. Glad to know others are doing something similar. Good luck with your goals.

Madame X said...

Jose, I actually live in Brooklyn, not Manhattan. But it's still a good deal!