Saturday, December 17, 2005

Xmas shopping gone wrong

After going to the gym today, I decided to hit a few stores. I was pleasantly surprised to find the crowds lighter than I'd expected, but I still went into some kind of shopping overload paralysis and didn't really buy anything for the remaining people on my list. What I did do was somehow convince myself that I could give several of those people custom-made mix CDs as an economical and personal gift (since I make excellent CD cover art and have mad DJ skillz) and that in order to properly create these gifts, I would need to add $85 worth of CDs to my personal collection.
Actual presents bought for others: 0
Presents bought for me: 5

Here's the additions to my jukebox:
Kate Bush's new album
Brazilian Girls (who are not actually Brazilian)
Bebel Gilberto (who is Brazilian)
Bettye LaVette
Nouvelle Vague (who sound Brazilian)

| was good and put Ladytron and Tom Vek back on the shelf for now.

But I did manage to send money and a Xmas card to my grandmother today, so I guess the day wasn't a 100% strikeout.


Anonymous said...

lol. This reminded me of myself. I have the same problem...I have to be careful not to purchase things for myself when looking for Xmas gifts.

. said...

Your post has a bridget jones quality to it. Ha! Beware of consumerism during the holidays... :)

Caitlin said...

"oops" is right LOL ... though I just went through something similar at the container store. though what we bought was an entire set of wooden hangers because we noticed the plastic ones are ruining our shirts (and it was sort of planned purchase). but our hangers were like 2/3 of the was still sort of funny.

I make mixes at holiday time too, but I do find that (for me) iTunes helps keep costs to a minimum since I only buy the songs I really like and not usually whole releases (unless the entire album is faboo)

So, Kate Bush, Bebel Gilberto and Ladytron all in the same I know I have to check out the artists I don't recognize ;)