Sunday, January 22, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

Here's an interesting tidbit from the Sunday Business section in the NY Times...
According to an Experian-Gallup survey, a huge percentage of Americans resolve to reduce their credit card debt, despite the fact that overall credit card debt keeps rising to record levels.

Percentage of adults who claimed they were very or somewhat likely to do the following things in 2006:

Reduce their credit card debt: 84%
Check their credit score: 48%
Cut back their entertainment spending: 45%
Cut down on the number of credit cards they have: 35%

As the Times article so poetically puts it, "most resolutions, like winter itself, will be dissolved by the dancing sunlight of spring." Not to mention those tempting seasonal sales...

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thc said...

In a related story, American Express announced a 17% decline in overall earnings today. But its card-services division had a 13% increase in net income. Hmmm.