Friday, January 20, 2006

The Personal Finance Bestseller list

Yesterday I referred to the fact that the finance books you see on bestseller lists (such as the New York Times') might not actually be the ones that are selling the most copies. Here is a list I compiled of the personal finance books that actually sold the best in retail outlets last week (ending 1/15/06), according to Bookscan. (Even Bookscan isn't 100% accurate, but it gives you a pretty good idea.)
I took their overall Business bestseller list and edited out the titles on leadership, CEO biographies, and general economic books such as Freakonomics (which would have been #1 by a long shot.) I also removed one book called "Investing Money Market Funds" because it's no longer available according to Amazon, and was probably only on the list because of some kind of special remainder sale. I haven't sorted by hardcover vs. paperback, and I certainly can't be bothered to tell you where it ranked last week, how many weeks it's been on the bestseller list, etc., not on a Friday night.

So here it is:
#1: Jim Cramer's Real Money
#2: The Number
#3: The Little Book That Beats the Market
#4: Rich Dad, Poor Dad
#5: JK Lasser's Your Income Tax 2006
#6: The Total Money Makeover
#7: The Automatic Millionaire
#8: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
#9: The Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2006
#10: The Five Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me
#11: Smart & Simple Financial Strategies for Busy People
#12: The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke
#13: The Total Money Makeover Workbook
#14: The Richest Man in Babylon
#15: Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant

P.S. Loral Langemeier is nipping at their heels, with The Millionaire Maker only a couple hundred copies a week below Cashflow Quadrant!

No big surprises there, I guess! But I thought it would be a fun thing to look at. Also, I can't seem to blog about my own life much this week-- I've been so busy at work all I can think about is books!
Have a good weekend everyone.

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Anonymous said...

okay you work for an undisclosed publisher and you've been huckstering redundant personal finance books all week. hmmmmmmm.