Thursday, March 30, 2006

Free Stuff:

I read about this site in today's NY Times:, which bills itself as a "found treasure map" and a "haven for cheapskates."
Here's how it works:

From your phone, email a picture of your find to "",

In the body of the email type a description @ location.

For example: furniture old chairs@123 East Broadway
computer monitors look good @ west 79th street & broadway
bike wheels and parts @ 345 west 21st.

Here in NYC it is just kind of an accepted truth that if you put something out on the street, it will be gone in 5 minutes, no matter how worthless it looks. I've done it myself, both as stuff-leaver and stuff-picker-upper. Sometimes the only thing that has prevented me from snagging some really good finds was that I was on my way to work and couldn't figure out how to carry a piece of furniture to the office with me and back home again.
Anyway, I think this site is a neat idea. I'm personally not looking for a pink toilet right now, but I'm sure someone else out there is, and it's nice to know that this site might help them find one.


IRA said...

Wow. This is even better than the concept. You don't have to post your stuff and then email people back and forth to arrange pickup.

Cap said...

I thought that NYC thing about picking stuff off the street was just crazy elaborated stuff.

guess not?