Thursday, March 30, 2006

From the blogosphere...

Here's a few of the newer personal finance blogs I have discovered recently:

  • Young Professionals Finance Blog
  • by DD, RS, and SL, who are young professionals themselves
    I may be getting too old to count as a "young" professional... but most of the information on this site is pretty general personal finance actually, rather than anything specific to young professionals.

  • Financial Confessions of a College Graduate
  • by "25 year-old college graduate who is TIRED of debt and is ready to SAVE."
    This site's "Crazy Broke Item of the Week" should be a fun ongoing feature. I'm going to pick up some Gucci baby shoes when I buy my ice cube trays.

  • Where it all Goes: A Spent Journal
  • by Nicole: "a young woman's year-long journal of the money she spends."
    Nicole is another Brooklynite, and she tracks her daily spending on her blog, with commentary and anecdotes. And she's another member of the green template club!

  • Yet Another Blog About Money
  • by the Miserly Bastard: "Happily married 37-year old attorney. We're expecting a child in September. I play a sick amount of online poker. I like things that go BANG! I hate liberals and vegetarians. My cholesterol is over 200."
    I like this site because my cholesterol is over 200 too! But there are also some interesting, in-depth posts here. The Miserly Bastard is another New Yorker.


    Unknown said...

    Thank you for the shoutout.

    Single Ma said...

    Good ones! I'm really enjoying the young professionals and financial confessions. Both are young but wise beyond their years.

    nicole said...

    thanks for posting this!

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the CollegeGrad love! You blog was among the few that encouraged me to get it together! "When I grow up, one day I will have a positive net worth (hehehe)."

    RS said...

    Thank you Madame X. Appreciate the link.

    Our original plan for the site was to focus on what young professionals should do after college...when they get their first real job making some real money. We just haven't gotten there yet, but we will try.

    Thanks again.