Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Public Service Announcement

I know very little about internet security, but I thought this was worth sharing.
When checking my stats for this site, I often follow the incoming link referrals back to see where they came from. Today, one was from an email sent on a university webmail service using an "ISC Networking and Telecommunications Webmail Server." Clicking on that link not only allowed me to view the original email message-- from the message page, I was able to click the link to the sender's inbox and read other messages.
If the person who emailed the link to my "Mice" post is reading this, don't worry, I did not read all your email-- I just tested this on the ones with the subject lines "Poopsy-woopsy honey-bunch, you left your lunch on the kitchen counter this morning" and "Reminder to self: social security number, bank account details, etc."
But I found it really alarming that website owners might be able to read the email of anyone that happens to send a link to their site! So for what it is worth, I just thought I would caution everyone about using certain webmail programs and emailing links unless you're 100% sure that your system is truly secure.


Dollar Bill said...

Where in Blogger can you look at your traffic? I've been trying to figure it out and have come up empty. Thanks!

Madame X said...

Blogger doesn't offer tracking, but you can get a free counter by using Sitemeter or

Dollar Bill said...

Thanks, Madame X! I'll look into both of those options.