Sunday, April 23, 2006

Everything Bad and Beautiful

Sounds like what most people like to spend money on, doesn't it?
And what I am referring to is a good way to spend some money, in my opinion: Sandra Bernhard's latest show, which I went to last night. The tickets for the great seats we had would normally have been around $75, I think, but my friend got a corporate discount and paid for my ticket in exchange for me buying dinner.

I don't know what it is about Sandra Bernhard, but I just love her. I mean, here's a woman who can't sing all that well, can't dance all that well, can't play the drums all that well, was never really conventionally attractive and is now middle-aged to boot, but she gets up on stage in front of a kick-ass band, and sings, dances, plays the drums a little, takes off her clothes, and says whatever crazy obnoxious hilarious sh*t she wants to say, and it's awesome.
The only weird thing about the show was that I was sitting next to someone who I'm 90% sure I went on a date with once, several years ago. Very odd situation-- you're not sure if you actually remember each other, you're not sure if you should attempt to acknowledge each other since you're both with other people, and of the hundreds of seats in the theater, you have to have ones that are right next to each other. Strange coincidences like this actually seem to happen to me a lot. Which probably means I either will or won't win the lottery some day.


Dawn said...

I think people like her because she is just being herself, people know what they are getting, and she doesn't give a sh*t.

I personally don't care for her stuff, but I respect her confidence.

Single Ma said...

Ahhh, never heard of her but she sounds like someone I would love to see perform. Crazy, obnoxious, hilarious, and sh!t talkin all in one show? My kinda entertainment. Man, I need just one weekend in NY! ;-)

And I'm LOL @ you sitting next to an old fling. He must have been a flake since he didn't leave a lasting impression. I bet you made him nervous. ha!

Anonymous said...

Love the post. My partner is taking me to see this for our anniversary. Was it good? Did you love it? I am really looking forward to it.

Tiredbuthappy said...

I find moving frequently to new parts of the country is a great cure for this kind of akward encounter. But then, I've had some really akward airport sightings of old employers, old flames, etc. And when you move that much, friends you've known longer than a couple years become a rare and precious thing. It's been ten years since I had a LOCAL friend that I'd known longer than 3-4 years.