Monday, April 24, 2006

Trump and Kiyosaki Team Up

Here's an interesting tidbit from Publishers Weekly:

What happens when a billionaire and a millionaire team up for a book? Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki are about to find out. The entrepreneurs are joining forces for an as-yet-unnamed book about investing that the duo will self publish under Kiyosaki’s Rich Press imprint.

While Kiyosaki has maintained a lasting relationship with Warner Books, publisher of his Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, the duo will be releasing their book solo. The approach this time around will be to draw interest in the high profile project and then allow the big houses to scramble for a slice of the pie. Trump’s lawsuit against Warner Books is another reason to go the self-publishing route. (Trump filed a hefty libel suit against the publisher in January over the book TrumpNation.) Kiyosaki is no stranger to self-publishing; he put out his first Rich Dad book this way in 1997 and, after it reached bestseller status, signed on with Warner.

Billing the book, due out in October, as something which will teach investment advice that’s both fun and practical, Kiyosaki told PW that the message will let people know how to “play to win, not to lose.” The Hawaiian-born investor also stressed that the book will aim to solve what he and Trump see as a serious problem in America: The shrinking of the middle class.

I personally can't stand Donald Trump and don't think I'd be able to stomach reading this, but I'm sure it will sell like hotcakes...

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Cap said...

yay. can't wait to hate on the book. shrinking middle class my butt, the book's targeted specifically at the growing middle class, albeit the sub-class are wider and wider apart.

btw love the new site design. not sure when the change happened but looks gooood. me jealous.