Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Investment Performance

Commenter Apollo recently asked how my investments were doing, given the shaky stock market of late. Well, they haven't been doing great, but I guess it could be worse. Below is a performance graph for my E*Trade account. The red arrow marks when I sold off about half my portfolio to free up cash for the condo. It was pretty good timing! The green line is my portfolio, and the blue line is the S&P 500.

The current value of this portfolio is around $13,000. I consider this money my stock market experiment fund, basically. Previous posts have detailed some of the winners and losers I've bought and what I've learned along the way.

Most of my retirement savings are in a separate 401k account, made up of various mutual funds. Here's a snapshot of the investment allocation:

And here's how that portfolio is doing:

Investments Type 3 Months YTD
* FID MGD INC PORT Bond- Stable Value 0.98 1.93
* SPARTAN INTL INDEX Small Cap 0.67 9.88
* FID INTERMED BOND Bond- Income 0.29 0.04
* FID DIVERSIFIED INTL Small Cap -1.26 8.27
* SPARTAN US EQ INDEX Large Cap -1.44 2.69
* FID GROWTH & INCOME Large Cap -2.94 0.95
* ARIEL APPRECIATION Mid Cap -3.03 -1.22
* FID MID CAP STOCK Mid Cap -3.7 9.21
* FID GROWTH COMPANY Large Cap -5.75 0.71
* ARIEL FUND Mid Cap -6.21 1.4
* FID SMALL CAP STOCK Small Cap -7.14 5.95

So here too, the last few months have been painful and YTD performance is ok for some funds, but not great for others. (YTD here is only through end of June.)

I have one other retirement portfolio for the last few years' worth of Roth IRA contributions-- the value is about $15,000 right now, and the performance is pretty much tracking the S&P 500, though I'm slightly down from that benchmark right now, almost flat for the year:

So that's the story! I don't do much trading with these accounts and most of the time just let them sit there semi-ignored. At some point I will have to really think about whether I should reallocate or dump some losers... we'll see!

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