Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Moving Expenses

My moving day approaches-- I'll be staying in temporary digs for the next few weeks? Months? Hopefully only weeks. I was happy to discover that I can keep my current phone number when I move into my new place, and while it's disconnected from any earthbound phoneline, I can have my calls to that number automatically transferred to my cell phone for $9 a month. I don't get all that many phone calls, but I decided it was worth it not to miss the few I might get! (If only I could screen out the telemarketers.) The folks at Verizon customer service were very nice and offered a few other options involving voicemail and callers getting a recorded message, but I thought the direct dial-through at $9 was the best, as well as the cheapest option for me. Besides, explaining my current ridiculous situation would take a very long recorded message!
The folks at Verizon DSL were also great-- I was worried that I'd have to keep paying for the service, or be charged a fee for cutting it off before the end of my 1-year agreement, but they said all that was waived if you're moving. Once I'm in my new place, I can just call and sign up for the service again.

I've spent about $75 on moving supplies: just bubble wrap and tape. Fortunately I work in an industry where boxes are easy to come by, and between boxes I've saved from the trash at work, and a few from a local supermarket, I have more than enough. 42 of them are packed full of books, CDs, framed photos, art supplies, notebooks, clothes, files, and other assorted items right now, with another 5 or 6 probably left to be packed with kitchen stuff.

I also finally got off my butt and took my bike in for an overhaul-- $70. But I'll be riding around the neighborhood a lot more, I think-- picking up my mail at one place, living in another... I decided not to spend the money on a PO box and instead am just having my mail forwarded to a family member until things settle down.

When will things settle down? Who knows...


Anonymous said...

Biking in NYC? That's bravery.

SEO Speaker said...

I think you should have a moving party and invite all your blogger buddies. Dang it...I live in Denver or really I'd be there :) Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Your moving expenses are a pittance!

Anonymous said...

Hi Madame X:

I have a question for you; it's a pretty elementary one but I'm just getting to grips with personal finance in my thirties... anyway, I'm hoping you'll share your thoughts with this reader...

I have a basic budget drawn up in Excel with Budgeted and Actuals columns for my expenditures, which I am refining as the months (3 so far) go by. I use my credit card for almost everything so I know where it's all going, and I pay the balance off in full every month.

My question is, I'm not sure whether I should chalk up my Actuals in the month in which they are incurred, or in the following month, when they are paid. The one creates an accurate record for me of how much I spend in a month, while the other gives a picture of my current cash flow.

Which is the usual way of tracking this? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

PS: If it's better form, I can be reached at meadowgrass5 at aol dot com. Thanks again.