Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Sometimes I can't seem to come up with a fully structured post, full of helpful advice, opinion, commentary, narrative, and references to James Brown... Today is one of those days. So instead, an impressionist take on this past weekend, a little price tag pointillisme:

Cousin's bank account balance: $126
Cost of Chanel handbag in cousin's apartment: $1499
Number of Hermes scarves owned by cousin: 3
Couch I want to buy at Crate & Barrel: $999
Leather footstool I saw at Crate & Barrel and don't plan to buy: $899
Amount I spent on internet access this weekend: $2.72
Amount I spent on wine this weekend:
Amount spent having drinks and munchies with friend A: $28
Amount spent having dinner with friend B the same night, who I ran into right after having drinks with friend A: $31
Grocery spending for entire rest of long weekend: $26.27
Amount spent on books this weekend: $4.34
Amount saved by reading books and magazines in store without buying: approx. $34
Car service fares to date for moving in & out of various temporary housing locations: $38

Tomorrow I'll try to write more full sentences!


Single Ma said...

In other words...

Your cousin rode the financial short bus, you're amazed at the cost of quality furniture and you had a fabulous weekend.

I understand you girl cuz we here!
*pointin 2 fingaz @ my eyez*


Madame X said...

LOL singlema!
Actually, at C&B I was pleasantly surprised that the couches I liked were under $1000... but I did think the leather footstool was outrageous!
And as for my cuz, I think she's running to try to flag down that bus... but to her credit, I think the Chanel bag was sitting there waiting to be returned to the store!

Anonymous said...

"Amount saved by reading books and magazines in store without buying: approx. $34"

Ahh, the world's most up to date library. Where I do some of my best reading.

mapgirl said...

Chanel handbag? Does it get her more dates? Honestly. Does it? I am sure that the only people who care about that handbag are other women, and since I'm straight, I don't care to attract other women, no Chanel for me.

SMB said...

Two excellent phrases here:

"price tag pointillisme"


"the financial short bus"


Mapgirl, your comment reminds me of something I once read: "Women dress for other women, not men."