Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Net Worth Update

My net worth tracking has been a little shaky the last couple of months. Since I haven't been able to connect my laptop to the internet, I haven't been updating my stock and mutual fund prices in Quicken, so everything is a little off. But based on some manual calculations, I think my net worth at the moment is $291,897. My mutual funds have done a little better the last few days, which has finally pushed me back over the $290k mark.
Oh, and the other little tidbit that helped was getting a raise that was retroactive for a couple of months!

My August spending could have been worse: my total expenses, not including tax, were $3425. Food was way over budget at $850. Rent was way over budget, almost double my old rent of $850, due to paying for a sublet and security deposit. Clothing was way under budget-- I bought a denim jacket one day because I was really cold, and a new pair of flip-flops, but other than that, my suitcases are stuffed and I just don't have any room to buy more clothes, or any desire to schlep them around town!

The end result was that I saved $938 out of my paycheck, and put $1243 into my 401k, so it was a pretty good month. We'll see how September goes, but it may be a long time before I can save this much cash in a month again, with higher housing expenses just around the corner...

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