Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Closing: Morning Of

Here's a few quick things I jotted this morning and didn't have time to post...

Just went to bank and got a certified check. Thought I remembered this being more of a hassle last time. Had to have 2 forms of ID. Momentary alarm when I needed the address as well as the name of payee, but called lawyer and got info.
Walked out feeling a little sad that savings account now only has $20k in it instead of $70k. Sniff.
Seeing that I had $20k, wanted to transfer some to my higher-interest Etrade account, and almost did it before the closing but then hesitated, thinking it was probably a bad idea to do it before I was 100% sure the closing was all done and there were no last minute errors.
Keep thinking it is amazing how much money you have to pour into closing costs with a new condo. Maybe a lot of people just add that amount to their mortgage rather than paying it cash? Have I been too cavalier about absorbing these costs, just because I had enough cash to do it? Does homebuying somehow put you into this zombie state where you just keep writing checks, numbly and without caring? Is it just my own coping mechanism-- I have to let these things just slide past and take them calmly to keep from giving myself an ulcer? Am I supressing all my real emotions about it while maybe I actually AM getting an ulcer?
I also had to take out some cash for a $75 tip for the title closer-- weird, never heard of that before. Why is that done? What exactly does a title closer do anyway? Does any kid grow up thinking they want to be a title closer someday? How do you get that job?

I feel weirdly relaxed. I'm about to own my own home, me, solo, for the first time. I have a list of calls to make, address changes to submit, moving details to arrange. Perhaps I am just so relaxed about it now because I am out of my last sublet and living in my cousin's place, rent-free, so there is no longer the extreme pressure to make things happen by a deadline. Of course I want things to happen fast and I don't want to keep imposing on my cousin, but the world won't end if something takes an extra day. But there shouldn't be too many more extra days now.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I wish you many years of pleasure in your new home. Thank you for taking us along on your buying journey.

Denise Mall said...


Tipping the Title Closer?? What's up with that? I have closed on many properties and have never encountered this. Am I leaving an impression of myself as rude or ungrateful? Or is this something from your neck of the woods only?

In fact at my closings, I generally receive gifts. Gifts from the sellers. Gifts from the Title Company. Gifts from my banker. Gifts from my real estate agent. So, you have me royally confused.

Maybe you did a post about this before and I missed it. Please share your all powerful knowledge.


KMK said...

I think the tipping must be a NY thing. I never bought a home there, but I was always tipping for various things. Out here in Oregon when I tipped the guys who brought my couch I thought they were going to hug me.

Single Ma said...

Tipping the closer? And $75? Nah, never heard of it. How was that amount determined and who told you to do that?

Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree with the other comments - I've bought and sold several condos in the NYC area over the last five years, and never heard of tipping the title closer.

Meredith said...

I agree that homebuyers go into a zombie state when the check-writing starts. AFter closing on four houses, even I--who will clip coupons to save an extra fifty cents--don't even register the numbers as I write them.