Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Help! They're after me!

As if I didn't have enough going on right now, I got a call yesterday from someone I used to work with, just out of the blue. After some catching up about life, kids, etc., came what I knew must be coming: "So, we've got a job here that I'd love to talk to you about..."
Of course this is how I've gotten my last few jobs. It's flattering and kind of exciting, but this time, it's also really awkward. I am happy where I am and felt like I could settle in here for longer than I've ever stayed at one company... but I know they don't pay all that well and I could probably make more by jumping elsewhere. But it's that quality of life issue too-- do I want to have to work a lot harder for the money?
What also makes things awkward is that this is a very small industry and the person who called me knows my current boss quite well and suggested that it would be appropriate for him to tell her that he was talking to me. While this might ideally lead to a panicked rush to give me a another raise to keep me from going anywhere, I might also come off looking like a rat for even taking the conversation that far, as I did get a sort-of promotion a few months ago-- basically a good raise and a title change but no real difference in responsibility, though the door was left open for me to get involved in new projects might interest me, if I can figure out what they might be! So it seems like a weird time to leave, when I could be on the cusp of some good things. Also, my vanity is such that I would like to stay in one job and get promoted more often, rather than looking like someone who always jumps to other companies to get ahead.
So based on a brief phone call, I think the new job could be a good fit in some ways and a chance to slightly change my direction, but not necessarily the job of my dreams. I am not sure what the job of my dreams would be anyway. We left it that I would think about it for a day or so to see if I want to take things further.
What would you do???


Anonymous said...

I say, take the new job.

Who has as a goal in life, "settle in"?

Go for it and mix things up... if nothing else, it gives you a new blogging topic.

mOOm said...

How long have you been with your current firm? Is the slight change in direction in a direction you want to go in? I can't see how you can look bad if it is the guy offering you a job who contacted you... your responsibility to yourself I think is to explore the option fully.

Omo Ibadan said...

I think it all depends on what the new opportunities are in the new position. If you feel that the new position is better suited to your career interests, then I think you should go for it. On the other hand, all the companies all have their own shortcomings which you're not really confronted with until AFTER you start working there. I think it's more important to leave jobs on a good note, that way if things don't work out at the new place, you can still possibly go back.
Just my own 2 cents
great blog!

Anonymous said...

i have changed jobs many times but i have settled into my current workplace for better or worse. the perks still kind of outweigh the cons, so i understand where you are coming from. i have less stress at this position than possibly any other before it. i would be exceedingly polite and etc to the headhunter type but maybe not mention it to your boss this time. like you said would be too weird. if you are not planning on leaving at the moment, why mention it?!

there will most likely be another opportunity (you are in nyc afterall). keep in touch with them if you can. say now is not the right time but possibly in the not so distant future (whether you hear more about it or not).

settling isn't so bad if the position/company is decent to you. the alternative can be too stressful anyway. nice to have a break from that. there are times when you don't have the choice!
and i wouldn't change jobs just to have something to blog about.....
nice to have your job secure at the moment while you have that new mortgage.


Bitty said...

Madame X, it sounds to me that you're highly thought of in the industry, and if today, when you're already snug as a bug in a rug, someone is knocking on your door with an offer, surely there will be more knocks at the door later if/when you're not as content.

I know this blog is primarily about money, but if the current job is treating you well, stay in the happy place!

Anonymous said...

I say if the job is in Atlanta then definetly take it. I'll buy ya a coffee.